As business dynamics are getting more unpredictable, customers are increasingly demanding innovative, simple, flexible, convenient and cost effective solutions. Chalians Consulting helps organizations develop sustainable and innovative solutions to address business challenges and focus on core competencies. As a trusted advisor with a pragmatic approach, Chalians helps organizations design and execute cost effective market-leading performances by combining creative thinking with technology expertise.

Strategic Consulting & Business Transformation Services

Chalians consulting will help you to define, design or re-design and deliver business processes strategies and enable to grow your business, reduce costs and identify new revenue streams. In summary we help you to increase your top-line and way to optimize your cost and help you to increase the bottom-line.

We strongly believe that each business context is unique and our customers know their context better than anyone else. Our approach is to work together with you and listens and understand your unique business context, vision, goals, resource skill pool and policies. Accordingly we may jointly develop short-term and long-term strategies based on industry best practices to deliver measurable results.

We help to address

  • Business Processes optimization to meet the changing needs and ensure that information is timely accessible across the value chain.
  • Define, Design and Develop business processes & IT strategies that help you to run business effectively and achieve your goals.
  • As an independent advisor we help you to review existing business processes and IT infrastructure and provide you an in-depth analysis. This process helps in planning, developing and implementing a strategy that will meet the business needs, leveraging the new business processes, technologies, and renewing the ones you’ve already invested.
  • We help gear up your organization for change management by implementing change management processes.
  • Our highly experienced domain expertise, solution architectures, technical architecture helps to define, design and deliver efficient business processes and automate the processes through IT infrastructure and business applications for effectively execute the business processes.
  • Help the organization to potentially utilize the existing commercial business applications and gain better value and increase ROI on the investment. If necessary, we will also help identify readymade solutions or assist you in designing, developing and implementing customized, sustainable commercial business application in the absence of a suitable off-the-shelf product.
  • As a part of the solution selection processes we help to define and develop solution selection criteria and RFP management processes and help to select right business application that meets your organization context.
  • As a part of third party business application service we provide quality assurance advisory services, project management services for high profile programs. In case need arises we assist you in recovering troubled IT projects through appropriate reviews and tactical decisions and put the projects on right track.
  • The end to end business services are delivered through a pragmatic approach, by a balanced combination of people, process and technology ensures complete customer satisfaction.
  • Our programs / project management services makes certain that the entire life cycle of the initiatives are on the right track thereby ensuring a definite customer satisfaction.

Resulting In

  • Business process Integration beyond departmental boundaries and organizational boundaries.
  • Minimize the vertical organization structure related delays and improve the efficiency.
  • Reduce the transaction processing cost & time and make you competitive in the market.
  • Improve the speed and bring agility to the market changes and customer demands and be a market leader.
  • Improved transparency and manageability and remove information silos and bring real 360 degree views of the organization.
  • Improve existing IT investment ROI or achieve ROI for your new IT investment.
  • Increase the organization effectiveness by implementing efficient business processes to achieve organization goals.
  • Ultimately help to increase the top line, reduce the cost and in turn increase the bottom line.

Enterprise Business Application ERP, CRM and niche packaged solution Services

As a consulting partner, Chalians InfoTech offerings include Enterprise Application-enabled business transformation program life cycle management. In our pragmatic approach we strongly believe that you know your business context better than anyone else. Hence we work collaboratively with our customer team to choose the right enterprise business application that fits the organization is very important for a successful implementation.

Initiating an enterprise application implementation in an organization is a major shift in the business process. Hence we as consultants will take these enterprise application initiatives as change management processes and consider all aspects of it. Chalians Consulting partners with customers across industries and helps to simplify the complex integration between the technological strategies and business strategies.

We bring together our consulting expertise across packaged applications, Industry domain expertise, testing skills and technology skills to deliver the solution.

We help to address

  • Chalians consulting Services offers a wide range of services in the packaged business application areas like ERP, CRM, SCM & industry specific applications.
  • Based on the customer need our services roadmap may start from organization change management processes, business process management, defining the requirements and success criteria, solution RFP management and product selection processes and implementation project management.

    Our services includes SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics and tier-2 solutions rollout business transformation program and we offer the niche packaged application that address following Domains.

    • Hospital Management solution covering all business processes Industry Niche application
    • Hotel Management solution
    • Construction Industry solution
    • Real Estate Management Solution
    • VAT & GST base billing and purchasing solution
  • Our service offerings span as follows
    • Gear up the organization for a change management processes and help to minimize the resource level conflicts, gear up the team, define management role, define success criteria and setting right expectations
    • Define the business processes and Indentify business process that need to automate
    • Define requirement and document the same
    • Define and execute RFP processes
    • Execute solution selection processes
    • Execute implementation services
    • Program / Project management services
    • Execute the support services & version upgrading services

Resulting In

  • Setting the right expectation and meet the set expectations.
  • Successful Solution rollout and measure it against success factors
  • Benefit of two dimensional ROI, Return on Investment & Return on Information
  • Better Business application utilization and minimize solution failures
  • Reduce transaction processing cost and time and help to gain better team efficiency

Our packaged solution based business transformation program help you set the right expectation and drive you achieve the expectation through appropriate management processes, technical skills and domain knowledge.

Software Application Development & Maintenance Services

Chalians InfoTech, a leading application development company with a state-of-the-art development center in India. As a software development partner Chalians InfoTech helps the organization in the entire life cycle of the software application development and maintenance services.

Chalians InfoTech Application Development & Implementation Methodology is based on our experience of delivering diverse type of projects across variety of verticals. Our experience in latest software development tools, development methodologies such as Waterfall, Iterative (RUP, Agile) has helped us handpick best practices. As we see in the best interest of our clients and draw up a model encompassing all phases of a project starting from Inception to post production implementation maintenance and Support.

By leveraging our methodology, enterprises benefit from shortened development lifecycles and faster project completion. Further, the team provides continuous support throughout the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby improving business performance.

Our framework based rapid development approach helps to reduce development cycles and helps reach customers quickly. We help our customer be agile to adapt to ever-changing market demands. These are achieved through a combination of technical capabilities, deep domain knowledge and understanding the problem from customer perspective.

We help to address

  • Customized business application development through rapid application development approach
  • Software Application Maintenance and Support
  • Existing Software Application Modernization
  • Industry Domain Consulting
  • Technology Consulting

Resulting In

  • Enable to capture the business data in an online & real time manner and deliver accurate timely meaningful information for business decision and effective business operations
  • Business growth with innovative IT based game changer strategies
  • We take off the pain of new initiative and help you to stay focus on your key business areas
  • Improving customer experience with smart system
  • Ensure to reach your customer and prospect quickly and be an early bird in the market
  • Potentially utilize your resources and improve the productivity
  • Adapt rapidly to ever changing market condition

Rich & Reach Mobile Application Development & Maintenance Services

Today, a company’s competitive advantage rests in its ability to operate quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Mobility offers the agility to reach your customer with rich functionalities. Mobile solutions help organizations to capture the data in real time manner and help to leverage the contextual data to reach out to customers more effectively.

As a mobility solution partner Chalians consulting helps the organization in the entire life cycle of the mobility solution development and maintenance services. In a dynamic business environment organization need quick, flexible, and effective IT strategy to serve their customers effectively. Mobility has been accepted as the most reachable channel to reach the customers, suppliers and employees and it has been an alternate to the conventional business communication channel.

We work with organizations across the mobility journey and enable them to efficiently and effectively utilize the mobility computation for achieving their customer’s best experiences. We offer a suite of business solutions customized for enterprises across various industries.

Leveraging our real world experience with our customers we feel the organization can initiate mobile computation in the area of sales, delivery & fulfillment, collections, support & maintenance and project time sheet.

We help to address

  • Develop mobile computing strategies
  • Recommends the best business models that fit for your organizations
  • Mobile Application development and Maintenance Support challenges
  • Integration with backend Information system
  • Industry Domain Consulting in various business process areas like field sales, purchase, collection, warehouse, shop floor and employee, customer, supplier self service areas
  • Technology Consulting

Resulting In

  • Create new mobile-driven business processes and resulting in improved efficiency and effectivity
  • Real time & online data capture and information delivery ensures timely decisions for best customer experience and increase in top line
  • Reduce the transaction processing cost and improved bottom line
  • Increase sales, better customer support, more accurate available to promise resulting a better customer experience

BI & Analytical Services

Businesses today must be able to gain insight and understand value from every customer interaction. Chalians can help you unlock this business value from vast amounts of data. Our cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more insightful business decisions, take bold action, and execute quickly.

Chalians InfoTech delivers integrated Business Intelligence solutions that empower employees to access information from existing applications across the enterprise by using powerful data warehousing and decision support solutions and services. Building an effective BI solution involves considerable effort to ensure usability and value for the business enterprise. Every enterprise has unique data requirements for the type and format of information it needs. The key to success is identifying the dimensions and measures of the organization

Our BI and Analytics consultants have led many projects, leveraging proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to bring insight and innovation. BI practices helps to access various types of historical data and coming up with, reporting, dash boarding, pivoting the data through dimensions and measures. Whereas the Analytical practice help to navigate the exponential growth of digital data and allowing people to anticipate with a certain degree of reliability through predictive analytics and predictive modeling, allow people to raise questions that is meant for an improvement in the future.

We help to address

  • Create value for the data that generated through various information systems, be it structured or unstructured data
  • Identify your analytical needs through collaborative discussion
  • Help to develop dimensions and measures for easily generating KPI for your organization
  • Help to deliver 360 degree views of organization by generating consolidated information from various streams of information system across the organization
  • Improved transparency and manageability and remove information silos and bring a holistic views
  • We assist you preparing enterprise wide business requirment and choose the right BI tools based on your specific business context

Resulting In

  • Have a holistic of view of your business operations and processes
  • Identifies and eliminates non-value adding activities and effects incremental improvement through process automation
  • Easily access the organization KPIs and provide quicker response to business queries
  • Full potential use of existing business application by converting its data into meaning full actionable information
  • Obtain better organization health-check and better understanding of your business’ past, present and future

Business Process Outsourcing

Chalians InfoTech effectively executes Business Process Outsourcing business models and enables business owners to reduce the burden of iterative work and concentrate on core aspects of their operation. Our outsourcing model helps organizations to cut costs and improve the bottom line, and is one of the most important reasons for people opting our outsource business model.

With good domain and technology expertise in multiple industries, Chalians InfoTech can deliver best business practices when and where you need it. We can effectively deliver process optimization and control that provides tangible results. As a result, you can stay competitive, expand product offerings, and enter new markets with less risk. Most of all, we sustain long-term relationships with customers, so that we earn your trust by providing support long after the services have been implemented and results delivered.

We help to address

  • Program and Project Management Services for rolling out IT solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Finance data processing & generate finance report from Standard ERP & accounting packages
  • Payroll Data processes

Resulting In

  • You have better focus on core business and improve productivity
  • More focus on formulating strategic decision by outsourcing tactical works
  • Enable to capture the business data and deliver accurate timely meaningful information for business decision and effective business operations.
  • Enables optimum utilization of resources and helps to reallocate the resources and increases the efficiency and productivity.

Workplace technical documentation services

Effective documentation is one of the key factors for business successes. Chalians InfoTech strongly believes that documentation helps to effectively run the business and transform to a process driven organization and minimize the human dependency. It is another way to retain the organization knowledge and experience and in turn helps to make better decision and business continuity strategy.

Chalians InfoTech helps organization to establish workplace technical documentation. We help you to narrate your business past performance, current offerings and future strategies. Our documentation service help to establish appropriate governance, compliance and establish integrity within the organization.

We help to address

  • Technical writer will write instructions to assist people use a product, service, follow processes and standard operating procedures
  • Documenting User Manuals from software business applications to automobiles to electronic gadgets to kitchen appliances
  • Documenting Assembly Instructions for furniture, computers or other gadgets
  • Documenting training manuals
  • Writing online help documents. When audiences need help they can click on the Help link like in your internet browser
  • Documenting procedure manuals for businesses
  • Documenting for the internet. Technical writing involves writing a web page for a website describing how to use the website and what it does.
  • The documentation can be produced in a variety of forms: printed, web-based or other electronic documentation and training materials.

Resulting In

  • You have better efficient team resulting better productivity through transparent processes
  • Better business continuity strategies and help to be processes driven organization
  • Assist continues improvement plan
  • Achieve better consistent tactical execution through documented business processes leading to effective business operations
  • Enables optimum utilization of resources through documented standard operating procedures

Digital Marketing & Web Site Development

Chalians InfoTech delivers responsive websites to our customers. Such responsive web design enables an optimal viewing experience, ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

Today market is driving through mobile revolution is in full swing. Consumers are searching, buying and shopping online from their smart phones more frequently. Mobile based sales has over taken desktop based sales and responsive design is key to making life simple for the online consumer and advantageous for the business owner. In this business context digital marketing have a major role to obtain consumers attentions.

Chalians InfoTech strongly believes that now is the time to begin making the transition to responsive websites and responsive web design and digital marketing. We help to strategies integrated Digital Marketing approach and advise our customers where they should invest for the best marketing ROI.

We help to address

  • Responsive Web Design and web site and development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Social Media management
  • Website hosting services
  • E-commerce site design and development

Resulting In

  • Increasing your reach to tablet and mobile audiences
  • Save cost and time both mobile development and site development
  • Increase the website visibility in the search engine
  • Increase the effectiveness of digital marketing
  • Higher ranking in the search engine
  • Increase sales and conversion rates